Document (Pillar)
Long form of audio or video.

Create (Micro)
Micro content is created by looking for moments in long form content that will resonate with your audience. The first round of micro content is used to drive viewership to you pillar content.

Micro content should be released minutes after your pillar content is released.

Listen (Feedback)
After you distribute, listen to your audience to find out what pieces of the content resonated with them.

Create (Micro)
Apply the insights from your audience by creating new micro content of the sections that stood out to your audience.

Distribute your new micro content.

Image and video size: 1080 x 1080
Video Max Length: 45 min

Image size: 1024 x 512
Video size: 1920 x 1200
Video Max Length: 2min 20sec

Image and video size: 1080 x 1350
Max Video Length: 1 min (Longer now with IGTV)

Image and Video Size: 1080 x 1920
Max Video Length: 15 Seconds

Each piece of micro content will contain a location for your username, making it very important to have the same username across all platforms.

15-30 second snippet

The goal of everything is to make it as easy as possible for the consumer to consume your product. Once there is no friction between your content and the consumer you can comfortably bring more people in.

Also cleaning up your social media and making them look professional will help people take you seriously with their first impression.


YouTube pre-roll: Many youtubers offer to advertise in the first couple of seconds in their youtube videos for a small fee.


Podcasts/Interviews: Contacting big and small podcasts and interviewers and build a relationship with them early. Potentially being interviewed and shard with their audience. How can you bring them value?

YouTube Interviewers

@478tv – 300 (Atlanta)

@Shibuya_Tyson – 2.2k (Chicago?)

@APolaroidStory – 2.4k

@Only4TheReal – 5.9k (Chicago?)

All For The Culture Show – 9k (Chicago?)

@fucioustv – 9.2k (North Carolina)

@official_status_update – 18k (Chicago)

@16ShotEmVisualz – 24k (Chicago)

@DJSCREAM – 26k (Atlanta)

@patisdope – 42k (Atlanta)

@famousanimaltv – 44k (Memphis)

@GMTEntertainment – 44k (Detroit)

@durttydaily – 62k (Atlanta)

@skullcandy – 84k

@HipHopSince1987 – 156k (Philly)

CharlieBo313 – 190k

@KollegeKidd – 343k (Chicago)

@Saycheese_Media – 451k (Dallas)

@CamCaponeNews – 756k (LA)


Plugged in with Rocky

The Rappy Hour Podcast

The Rap Recap

Rap Radar

Serious Rap Shit

Rap & Order

Dead End Hip Hop

Reaction channels: Reaction channels have blown up and often blow up out of no where. Building a relationship with reaction channels early will do wonders in the future. Also getting channels to react to your content to their audience will bring more people to you.

Social media ads: Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat ads are extremely under-priced right now. We need to take advantage of these while we still can and advertising your micro content will help grow your audience quicker than you can imagine.

E-mail and Superphone: Creating a newsletter and superphone list will help you stay in contact with your audience by sending content via email and text message.


9:16 Music video
Game Shows/ Additional Like-able Content
Music video purposely showing recognizable places in the city.

(Video Description)

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