F*** That List – Unapologetically Ignorant

Earlier this week, Ay Quez finally finds his way to DJ Neal’s studio to make his long-awaited debut on the Unapologetically Ignorant Podcast. Jilla and Ricky Rick sit down with Ay Quez to discuss how he transitioned from football to rap, staying authentic with his music, his ties with Rockford native and Toronto Raptors point guard Fred VanVleet, and he also addresses the now infamous “815 Hip Hop Charts” list.

The single image that sparked controversy earlier this week.

Although he was honored in the Heavy Buzzin, Hottest Singles, Hottest Projects and Hottest Videos sections, Quez had some unkind words for the 815 Hip Hop Charts.

“That shouldn’t make or break you as an artist. You shouldn’t be worried about that shit. Just keep putting out music.”

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